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"The Embrace" - prayer cards

"The Embrace" - prayer cards


The Embrace
• prayer cards 2.75"x 4.25"
• pack of 20 cards.

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    The Embrace
    Jesus, You welcome me with wide, open arms,
    Your sleeves rolled back with strong carpenter’s arms and hands,
    gesturing me to come to You,
    without question or hesitation.

    Jesus, You welcome me with a joyous smile,
    as though You had known me my whole life,
    like a brother, a best friend, a confidante,
    unconditional love and acceptance melting my fear away.

    Jesus, You welcome me with knowing eyes
    that look right into my heart and soul,
    straight to the innocence I thought had long gone,
    straight to my love for You.

    Jesus, you welcome me every day!
    And the sky dances with color, and the sun radiates the glory,
    and I cannot help but open my arms and my soul ...
    and join joyfully in The Embrace!

    Valerie MacRae
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