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Professional Freelance Artist and Designer specializing in creative imaging, signature environments, and custom design with the following skills:

Fine Art Graphic Design Space PlanningInterior Design

Special Event Environment Project Management • Workshops


I have moved a pencil or crayon around since I can remember. It

illustrated my thoughts easier than words. I realized early on that

art would be my voice. Where I might not have the words my paintings would "live out loud".


I studied Theatre Arts at UC Santa Barbara with an emphasis in design.

Having the background in costume, scenic and lighting design has influenced my character studies on canvas as well as my environment designs for special events.


I want there to be an interaction with the art or the space, a connection with the images in a celebration of our humanness as well as our spirituality.”



Scenic and costume design led to a career in Visual Merchandising and Space Planning. My career in retail offered opportunity to be immersed in design and to travel to Europe and Asia. I began teaching design at FIDM in Los Angeles, where I taught Visual Merchandising along with graphic design.


Space Planning for retail stores evolved into designing  Special Event environments,  most recently for the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim. The Congress logo, arena environment and the Sacred Space design have been a special commission for the last fifteen years.

Creating "signature" designs for a company or an individual  can be as focused as a logo or as broad as a total branding campaign. References available.












Off Road Driver

Daydreamers are now embracing the term "Divergent Thinkers" with enthusiasm as studies are showing the benefit of working from the right or creative side of the brain.

Not being a linear thinker can be exciting. One finds themselves saying they are "Spirit Led" perhaps answering some higher "Call" ... truth is we like to play and drive off road, finding new ways of expressing that inner voice through different mediums outside of pencil and paint.


My mixed bag of artistic vehicles or mediums include:

Teaching, Seminars & Creative Workshops, Leading Retreats, Writing, Photography,

Portraits, Special Events, building labyrinths ... whatever ignites my imagination.





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